“ I wish I’d have had this book when I first opened my business. It contains a treasure of both practical tools for planning events and for growing a long-term client base.   “Experience Marketing”  should be required reading for anyone opening a small business. But even as a seasoned restaurateur and venue owner who has hosted thousands of events over the past 20 years… I found this book gave me new insight into how to better plan, market and execute both large and small events more effectively . It is also a book I will keep on hand as a resource for all of my event planning staff. Philip Stanton, Owner Mississippi Pizza / Atlantis Lounge ”

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“Thank you everyone who has reached out for help. I'm not able to help everyone who has applied, but please reach out anyway… Even if I'm not the right person to help you with your communications and online business/design challenges  I can probably refer you to someone who can.”